• Product import &Distribution

The core service of Skytech is product import and distribution. We import and distribute only the best premium tech products.

We understand the fast changing tech industry so we promise fast, precise and consistent.

  • Global Product Sourcing

Skytech has a massive network of connections, including manufactures and distributors from Australia, China, Singapore, North America and Europe. If you’re interested in a specific product or brand even a whole catalog you can always contact us to source the product for you. Because we’re so good at what we do, we can usually save you a 5% cost. A lot of the time our sourcing service won’t cost you or the manufacture a cent! Contact us to find out more.

  • OEM

Skytech can offer OEM service to Australian clients with clear branding and marketing in mind. With Skytech, you won’t be asked for a scary number of minimum order quantity and a ridiculous onetime OEM fee.



We offer the complete life cycle for all our products. That includes the support.

  • Product training
  • Product repairs
  • Warranty management
  • Product end of life support
  • Product recall